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In order to undergo import procedures and customs clearance of various products – it is necessary to obtain various additional documents in the Country of import confirming the quality of the goods.

These documents can be obtained from the Government Agencies of needed Country. Only a Government Agency will issue such documents without intermediaries.

As a rule, it is almost impossible for foreign manufacturing Companies to obtain these documents. Also, often, the passage of such procedures is associated with bureaucracy and language barriers for foreign manufacturers.


Therefore, these state-issued documents are usually obtained directly by the local Importer before importing the goods.

But, as a rule, the Manufacturer needs to do this before this process begins. It is at this stage that we offer our support in services:

For manufacturers who wish to develop a foreign market and increase the competitiveness of their products, as well as to convince customers of the proper quality of their goods, we offer a full list of necessary services.

Our Company analyzes the legislation of the Country into which Manufacturer wants to import products (quality requirements, labels, sanitary standards, etc.) and checks against the data that provided to us. Based on this information, conclusions are drawn and a certification document (or its analogue) is issued.

Similar documents are ordered by 90% of all foreign companies that want to enter the foreign market. Documents are used to convince the Importer that the products really can meet the necessary standards and norms.

In turn, the Company – Importer, after receiving these documents, will be able to perform the following steps of the complex process of importing products, rather than wasting time and money in vain when registering with Government agencies, not having the confidence that it will be able to complete this process (from -for non-compliance of products with the standards and requirements in the Country of import).

The main activity of the Сompany – is the issuance of documents with analysis of products and their study on the potential possibility of compliance with state standards in Your chosen country, and as a result – confirming the quality of the goods. The cost of such services for obtaining product documents for companies from EU countries and Asia (cosmetics, food, fertilizers, etc.) from 940 euros to 1350 euros per item + a small percentage for modification (depends on the type of product).

Also note that this document does not replace any documents issued by government agencies, other licensed to conduct these studies of bodies. Obtaining these documents is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis and can be used to increase the competitiveness of the goods.

The provision of such services is carried out in the period from 20 to 65 days after receipt of the necessary documents.

Our Company can also provide assistance in obtaining quality certificates and their analogues, which are issued by the state or government authorities of certain countries (if this is provided for by the local legislation of these countries). To provide assistance services in obtaining these documents in state bodies, it is necessary to conclude an Agreement with an exact indication of the issuing authority and the exact name of the document that you want to receive.

The cost of these services is at least 3,500 euros per position for Companies from any country. The deadline is from 90 to 360 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. Also, – obtaining these documents for some countries – provides for a mandatory visit with a check to the place of production of specialists from that state body of a certain country that is authorized to issue such documents. Therefore, we always offer our partners to receive at the first stage a document in the form established by our company, and then – engage in state certification in order to avoid unnecessary financial and time costs.

If you will receive a document issued by our company, you will request a document from the state authorities for the required country on your own, and you will not be able to get it, then our company will return all the amount paid.

To use this option, you will need to send us a complaint indicating all the reasons for which You have not received a document issued by state authorities. Submission of such an application is possible within a period of no more than two years after the receipt of a document issued by our company.

With respect, Directorate of the Company.