Read, translate into your language and approve this information before starting cooperation with our company, without studying and accepting this information do not work with us.

Lea, traduzca a su idioma y apruebe esta información antes de comenzar a cooperar con nuestra empresa, sin estudiar y aceptar esta información, no trabaje con nosotros.

Lisez, traduisez dans votre langue et approuvez ces informations avant de commencer la coopération avec notre entreprise,sans étudier et accepter ces informations ne travaillez pas avec nous.

Our company – HIGH LEVEL COMPANY LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Firm, Company, We) concludes this contract (Agreement) with all its Clients (hereinafter referred to as Clients, Partners, Users, You) who negotiate and work with the Company (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties”), until start of work and negotiations related to registration, certification and receipt of any documents, consultations confirming the quality of the product, and any other communication. All Clients – are obliged to read and accept this agreement (hereinafter Contract, Agreement, Agreement). This agreement is a separate legal act, which has a predominant place in relations with us, if you do not recognize it for any reason, stop working with us.

The Company is obliged to notify You about this information through letters sent to you by official e-mail (there is additional information in the form at the bottom of the e-mail message).

In addition to this agreement, the Company may sign agreements on the provision of services in writing (on paper), but you should not consider these agreements without accepting this agreement.

  • 1. If revisions are made to this Agreement, the version that was at the time the cooperation began was available. But the client is still required to monitor changes to this information at least once time a month.
  • 2. The agreement is a transaction between you and the Company, and its rules and regulations apply to all services of the Company without exception.
  • 3. Clients have no claims to the style, terms, design, presentation form, information content of this agreement.
  • 4. Customers declare that all the information provided is completely satisfactory and consistent with the goals and requirements of their legislation.
  • 5. Clients declare that before starting cooperation with the Company, they engaged a lawyer, translator and other necessary persons in order to correctly assess the essence of this agreement.
  • 6. The obligation to verify the correctness (in their own country and in the country of the Company) of this agreement lies with the Client. In case of detection of such contradictions, the Client must immediately cease cooperation and notify the Company of the reasons and detected contradictions.
  • 7. This Contract is accepted “as it is” with all the advantages and disadvantages.
  • 8. Clients must collect all necessary information about us before starting cooperation with the company (for example: information about owners, directors, employees, study all information on the website, receive information about the service being ordered, receive and study information on the Internet and from State authorities and other important information). If you still decide to work with us, then you did it, if you could not get this information – do not work with us.
  • 9. The parties agreed that the legal entities entering into work with us may be parties to any disputes. Individuals (private individuals) cannot work with us and conclude any agreements with the Company.
  • 10. In terms of its goals and activities, the Company is a consultant engaged in intermediary activities, namely, it provides assistance in the field of registration and certification of products, receiving any documents confirming the quality of the products, as well as any analogues of such services (hereinafter referred to as assistant services).
  • 11. The parties agreed to consider the e-mails sent by the Company to the email address specified in the Agreement by Customers and other persons, and / or posting information on the Company’s website, as a duly sent notice.
  • 12. The terms of cooperation may not be disadvantageous for the Parties if you signed the Contract on paper with us and are in correspondence with us.
  • 13. This Agreement, unlike the Contracts on paper, does not have a validity period and has legal force during any interaction with the company.
  • 14. If the contract is terminated at the initiative of the Client, the Client withdraws any obligations from the Company and does not have any claims to it.
  • 15. In case of changes in market conditions, operating conditions of the international securities exchange, exchange rates, the Company reserves the right to change any conditions of the Agreement. Customers are notified of these changes by posting an amended version of this agreement on the website or by e-mail.
  • 16. A prerequisite for using the services of the Company is the provision by the Client of only reliable and relevant information. In the absence of notifications of changes in such information, the Company considers the information provided earlier to be reliable and relevant.
  • 17. If the Clients violate the terms of the Agreement on paper and / or this Agreement, they provide protection and reimburse any losses incurred by the Company and its Agents in connection with any claims of third parties, including payment of attorney’s fees and other expenses. this may result from violation of the terms of cooperation.
  • 18. In case of violation of this Agreement (or any clause) by the Client, He shall withdraw from the Company any obligations to fulfill his obligations to him, having no claims not now in the future to the Company.
  • 19. Clients are not entitled to transfer any information about Work with the Company to a third party that is not a party to this agreement.
  • 20. Any transactions made by the Client with the Company take into account the services provided to it, are final and irrevocable. Paying for services, you confirm that you have received the necessary services in full and you do not need additional services, your goals and intentions are fulfilled. Clients should not transfer funds to the Company if they believe that they have not received the desired and agreed upon service. If they paid, they acknowledge that they do so at their own risk and will not have any claims to the Company in the future.
  • 21. Before making payment for the services of the Company, Clients personally or with the help of any experts, at their discretion, check the quality of the services provided, authenticity, compliance with the requirements of the laws of the countries of both Parties and personal wishes. and goals.
  • 22. In order to fulfill the obligations imposed on the Company, the Company reserves the right to request from the Clients any information regarding their activities. The list of information requested by the company may include requests for sending any documents (by email, sending originals by mail or any other means of sending documents). Customers reserve the right to dispose of any materials received from them, without obtaining additional approvals.
  • 23. If the Company’s employees are far from the Clients, the Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to send any documents confirming the provision of services, in electronic form and / or in print format, and the Clients accept this.
  • 24. The company is exempted from any responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations to customers if they violate any provision of this Agreement.
  • 25. Claims on the quality of the services and facilities provided may be accepted by the Company only before payment for the services, since the employees and agents of the Company are not protected from errors, and the Clients are notified and accept these circumstances.
  • 26. The company notifies that it is not a representative of any state body, but can, having studied in detail the necessary standards and documentation requirements confirming product quality or compliance with existing standards in any country, independently issue certificates, registration certificates, conclusions, other documents and their analogues, guided only by knowledge of legal norms, their professional and life experience, as well as referring to state norms, laws and standards and their analogues, the experience of other companies, or any other information on the Internet and not only.
  • 27. Customers understand that the employees of the Company (except the director) and other affiliates (hereinafter referred to as the “Agents”) cannot influence the receipt of quality services.
  • 28. All documents issued by the Company can also be used by Clients for the following purposes:
    – Improving the competitiveness of their products;
    – Ensuring its Partners with proper product quality;

    for any other purposes which do not contradict the legislation of the Customer’s states. At its discretion.

  • 29. The parties declare that the resolution of disputes is carried out by a competent court at the discretion of the Company. This item is of paramount importance for all previously concluded contracts, agreements and their analogues. In case of disagreement with this clause or any other clause of this Agreement, you cannot have any relations with the Company and use its services.
  • 30. Other issues of this Agreement may also be regulated in accordance with the legislative norms of the country of registration of the Company without regard to conflict of principles.
  • 31. Clients of the Company who have signed the Agreement with it are obligated to make sure that they need to receive this particular service and they cannot demand anything else from the Company.
  • 32. If the Client needs a specific quality certificate of a certain country, he must indicate this in the Agreement on paper, in all other cases, the company issues a quality certificate or its analogue on a specially designed letterhead, with its seal (or stamp- if any) and signature.
  • 33. By making payment, Customers confirm their satisfaction with the quality of services. They are obliged to check them with the involvement of government bodies, independent experts, the Internet and other resources at their discretion and at their own expense.
  • 34 Clients relieve the Company of liability for lost profits, other actual or incidental direct or indirect losses arising in connection with the use of the Company’s services, in any circumstances, including those arising in the future.
  • 35. In all cases, the Clients undertake not to make claims against the Company in the amount of more than 300 (five hundred) euros (the equivalent of this amount in any currency). If the Clients do not agree with this, they should not cooperate with the Company.
  • 36. The company has the right to maintain all correspondence with customers and use it at its discretion without the consent of customers.
  • 37. By signing the Agreement with the Company, you confirm that you have verified that in your country there are no prohibitions on the provision of uch services (which the Company provides), the signing and adoption of such agreements.
  • 38. After signing the Agreement, the Clients of the Company renounce all their rights and other guarantees provided by local legislation on the protection of consumer rights or its analogues.
  • 39. Customers of the Company who, in the course of cooperation, received information about other Customers are required to comply with the confidentiality requirements of this information and not use this information without the consent of the Company.
  • 40. The terms and other provisions of this Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of the first response to the email received from the Company, and / or from the moment the Client signs any documents with the Company.
  • 41. The cancellation of any clause of this Agreement does not entail the cancellation of the entire Agreement as a whole.
  • 42. This Agreement contains an exhaustive definition of all agreements between the Parties.
  • 43. Transfer of rights and obligations by the Client under this Agreement is not allowed without the consent of the Company received in writing from an authorized person.
  • 44. The original of this Agreement is exclusively in English, and any other versions in any language other than English are unofficial versions intended for informational purposes only.
  • 45. The Company may at any time apply all measures with regard to violations of the terms of this Agreement committed by the Clients and discovered by him.
  • 46. If one of the Clients helped to find more than two Partners for the Company, he may receive a 50% discount on the full payment for the services of the Company.
  • 47. The competent authority (Company) may conclude an “Agency Agreement” or its analogue with any of the Partners. Such an agency agreement may be concluded orally or in writing.
  • 48. If any Client has an oral or written “Agency Agreement” (Agreement, etc.) with the Company, he can pay for the services in the following ways:
    – to a bank account, in accordance with the account received by e-mail.
    – make cash payments to the management of the authorized body
    – transfer through cryptocurrencies and other payment instruments not prohibited by applicable law

    make payment in a barter way, for example, by providing services to find customers / partners (that is, receive a discount on the entire amount
    of the account in accordance with the Agreement), or by providing any other goods and services payment is possible in any other alternative way,
    not prohibited by law, Intellectual Property, etc. by decision of the Company.

  • 49. All services of the Company are provided to them “as is”, without any guarantees. At the same time, the Company and its Agents expressly declare their refusal to provide any guarantees regarding the services provided and the absence of violations of the rights of third parties
  • 50. Customers are responsible for paying all taxes and fees that may be levied when they are transferred to the Company account.
  • 51. Customers are personally responsible for the compliance of this agreement with the legal standards of their country and the country of the Company. To do this, before starting cooperation, they must attract competent experts to help them evaluate all existing agreements with the Company