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Regulations of quality analysis

This list is not full and can depend on the type of product, country of origin and Country of import, need and is carried out at the discretion of our company.

This list of of analysis can be provided t for all documents and contracts of our Company.

Also this type of product analysis is carried out in accordance with the charter of our company, the decision of the director and owners to provide needed analysis and quality control, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the country of registration of our Company.


In the event that any Client requested or ordered from our company a document confirming the quality of your goods, namely, the “Quality Control Act” or its equivalent (the cost of such a service is usually from 1300 to 2900 euros), then checking the quality of products for compliance with certain norms and standards is needed countries can be produced by company employees according to several criteria for quality check:

1. analysis on the Internet of public opinion of certain groups of the population to the demand for tested products

2. checking the composition of products for exceeding the established norm of pesticides and herbicides, as well as checking

3. documentation on the composition of products for the presence of radioactive or other hazardous components

4. checking the absence of prohibited designation symbols on product labels, and other information prohibited for use

5. availability of similar products on the local (local) market and the possibility of its free circulation

6. search for possible problems with the quality of the raw materials from which the products are made

7. checking the possibility of recycling equipment that has failed, the conditions and restrictions in this process in a certain area

8. search for possible problems in groups of consumers of similar products in the region and a comprehensive study of the restrictions on the use of products in this market, based on information from open sources

9. verification of the presence of contradictions in the use of products or their components to religious and other internal restrictions in a certain territory for the sale of products

10. the possibility of compliance of product equipment with technical and other safety requirements for human life and health (only for equipment)

11. checking products for the presence of potentially hazardous or toxic organic compounds (if necessary).

12. checking the possibility of long-term use and operation of equipment and its analogues in certain local conditions

13. checking equipment and its components for safety for life and health (when providing samples of products and equipment)

14. analysis of possible defects in the checked products, equipment, ways and methods of their elimination and prevention of occurrence, as well as analysis of the possibility of observing storage conditions for food and other perishable goods in a certain territory

15. checking for the presence in the composition of products of prohibited substances, narcotic components

The study and acceptance of this important information is mandatory for all clients before cooperating with our Firm.

The document issued on the basis of the study of the documentation according to the listed criteria does not require any additional licenses and can be issued in free form on the letterhead of our company, with a possible indication of the coat of arms, flag, or attributes of the country for which the quality control document is being made.

If any client of our company wants to specify or clarify the full list of procedures, he is obliged to indicate his wishes in the contract he will sign before services provision.

The listed product evaluation criteria can be selectively used or minimized at the discretion of our company’s management. If you require further explanation or need to identify which criteria are most suitable for your production prior to starting our collaboration, it is crucial to detail your preferences in our contract.

In the absence of such specifications, we will proceed to provide services using criteria we deem appropriate for your product, selecting from the list based on our assessment.