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Certification of goods for the European Union

Products supplied to the markets of the European Union must comply with the quality standards applied in the European Union and be safe for consumers, animals and the environment. In order to confirm compliance with the minimum safety standards in the territory of all countries of the European Union, as well as in Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Turkey, marking and quality control of goods are applied.

In the course of this process, a special sign is affixed to the products confirming the conformity of the products with the applicable EU Directives and harmonized norms of technical regulation in the European Union, and indicating that all these products have passed the certification and declaration procedure for the European market. Today – this type of certification is the only mandatory certification procedure in the countries of the European Union, confirming the conformity of products to European quality standards and providing access to the European market. At the same time – the use of certification for advertising or marketing purposes is prohibited.


Certification of goods provides free access of goods to the European market, and circulation of goods throughout the European economic space. These documents received in one of the EU countries are valid throughout the European Union and provide the possibility of issuing products to circulation and its free sale throughout the EU. In essence, the purpose of this certification is to ensure the economic integration of the countries of the European economic space and free circulation of goods.

The EC Certificate of Conformity is required for a number of Union Directives and modular schemes. In the EU, the certificate indicates the name of the product, model or modification, the manufacturer of the product, the holder of the certificate (if necessary), the notified body (authorized body) that issued the certificate, the validity period of the EU certificate, the number and date of the product test reports, specifying the harmonized standards, according to which tests and which have been applied to this product, the Directives applicable to certain products.

EU Certificates can be issued by structures located exclusively in the territory of EEC countries and some structures in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Japan.